Interim and Final Crits: Video Cluster Drama ONLY

Owing to the fact that myself and Clifton are going to be in New York for the date scheduled for the interim crit, we will do the interim crit on Tuesday 27th April between 1-4 in ET130.

The final crit will take place on Friday 30th April 9.00 in ET34. Although they are not assessed, attendance at both is mandatory. VERY much looking forward to seeing the work.

Steve and Clifton


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As you all know, Love Fifteen was abandoned owing to the fact that some (many?) people felt that it was interfering with their own projects.

Given the hard work that some people put into it and the fact that I would really like it to get made, I would like to suggest that we do actually shoot it, probably after the Degree Show (or in the gap between hand-in and the Degree Show). I have spoken to a professional DoP and he is very keen to do it so it would be VERY good professional experience (he is VERY good) and it would be another piece on your showreel.  I think it is sweet enough to win at festivals as well and I will be paying to get it sent round to key ones (Clermont Ferrand, Palm Springs, Raindance etc), all of which are feeder festivals for BAFTA and the Oscars!!!!!

Please let me know NOW if you want to get involved and what role you want to take. I am ABSOLUTELY not interested in people saying they want to get involved and then not doing the necessary work so only sign up if you are really serious. I will call a meeting at the end of THIS week for those who do want to get involved.



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Andrew Reeve has been given the job of sorting out technical requirements for Degree Show. Could EVERYONE email him their group (give it a name , your 25 words or less and detail all the members) and requirements for the degree show as they stand NOW (not when you completed thew yellow sheet for us). His e-mail is:

Please do this NOW: he is putting a lot of work in to make sure that YOUR work is shown off to its best advantage.

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As we are not shooting Love Fifteen as planned, there will be no session this Friday (12th). All of you should use the time to work on your own preojects. Myself and Clifton need to see EVERYONE next week for tutorials. As the taught sessions next week were going to be based on the rushes for Love Fifteen, they too will not now happen so we will have tutorial time on Thursday (Clifton) and Friday (Steve) outside our offices. Do NOT leave for Easter without having a tutorial.

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Cluster session: Friday 26th February

Owing to various external circumstances over which I have no control, the session this week has had to be changed.  The format for the day will now be as follows:

9.00 – 10.00 Lecture in ET34

10.00 – 1.00 Workshop and production of practice pieces (outlined in lecture at 9.00 so you all need to be there to understand what is happening: it is quite complicated)

1.00: Coventry Conversation with Jana Bennett (BBC number 3: EXCEPTIONALLY powerful woman in BBC and in world media so all of you should be at that). Nobody was at the Andrew Davies session last week (one of the most infulential and powerful scriptwriters in the country): you REALLY are missing out BIG TIME by not going to these sessions.

2.00 onwards: completion of practice pieces.

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Interim Crits: Update

The crits for the drama video cluster will happen at 9.00 on Thursday in GSG11. Please make sure that you are there in good time and that your presentations are ready to go. You must upload electronic presentations to your blog and have USB as backup. The Uni computers can take up to 10 minutes to load USBs (as they need to be fully virus checked) so you should NOT bring your presentations on a USB. Each presentation will last ten minutes (including feedback).

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Interim Crits: 24th/25th February

Interim crits on the module will take place on either Thursday 24th February (for Video Cluster Drama only) or Friday 25th February. They will happen within your normal clusters.

 They are formal, ten-minute presentations where you will outline the research and development work that you have done since submitting your initial proposals. You will obtain feedback on your work from staff and the other students in the cluster that will enable you to move your ideas further forward. You will be allocated three student blogs that you need to visit and make further constructive comments after the presentations.

 The proposals submitted were, on the whole, very superficial so these presentations are an opportunity to really sell your project in terms of its creativity and feasibility. As the proposals were so scant, final decisions about whether projects should proceed will be made on the basis of these presentations so you must take them seriously. We want to see detail about your process not simply a chat about how you are getting on so you should prepare your presentation well in advance.

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Friday 19th January

Just to confirm that the camerwaork workshop will NOT take place tomorrow as scheduled but will now take place the following week in conjunction with the working with actors workshop. The SQN mixer session WILL take place tomorrow as planned at 1.00 with Paul Adkins.



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Well done

Well done for today’s session.

Please post link to edited pieces as a reply to this post. Got the first one already:
You worked well together but the learning will really come from the reflection on both the activitiy, the content of the lecture, your analysis of the edited pieces and how what you learned relates to your own production. So, it would be very good to see this on your module blog (hint, hint!).

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Of any use?

Pass this around.

Advert for TV Internship

Good luck!

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